East Valley Dive Club

year round competitive diving/mesa, az

National Qualifiers

Congrats Patrick Mullen, Rebekah Knapp, Victoria Knapp and Chris Cogburn!

In our experience EVDC provides a comfortable and welcoming environment where divers can grow athletically, competitively, and personally. The coaching staff has demonstrated a commitment to developing athletes in the sport of diving at all levels from beginning, all the way up to the Junior Olympic level team. The team hosts and attends competitions locally and across the nation which I feel is instrumental to encouraging each diver to achieve the highest standards in the sport.


Shelly Beniquez,

Daughter on Bronze Team

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Equipment Pack

Orders are due by September 19th to get the $90 price!  Goes up to $125 after the due date!


Cactus Invite

The first meet of the season will be in Scottsdale October 17-18th!

What Clients Say About Us

This is an up and coming team with an extremely talented and uniquely dedicated coach. Perhaps the best way to explain the level of coaching and dedication my child receives is that we drive more than 500 miles a week to attend practice with this team when there are at least 5 other options considerably closer. The team members and families themselves reflect the nature of the team. The spirit of camaraderie on a high level competitive team like this and parents supporting other people's kids in their victories and (rare) defeats is extremely unusual in this level of an individual sport.



Son on Silver Team