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Coaches are knowledgeable, positive, encouraging and motivating. We have been 100 % pleased with our entire experience on EVDC. Wouldn't change a thing!
Our kids have been in many sports throughout the years and Coach Lo is by far the best!! She taught our daughter to dive after years of competitive gymnastics, and never got angry or frustrated. Instead she taught with patience, kindness, and positive feedback. Through injury, she never made our daughter feel guilty during her healing and recovery. There was never pressure to return before she was ready, and once she returned the coaches took it slow allowing her to rebuild her confidence. Laura and Amanda have been amazing as well. I can't imagine having a better group of coaches! Diving has been such a blessing for our family. We have met awesome families and made great friends with so many of them! The friendships have allowed our daughter to blossom and become a leader, which has also boosted her confidence. Of course everyone wants to win, but East Valley Dive Club has taught many more valuable skills along the way. When they win, it is with grace, and when they don't do a well as they hoped, there are always positive lessons to be learned. One final thing that has made a lasting impression on us as parents is how Lo doesn't have any favorites! It's truly remarkable that she is able to work with so many different levels of talent and personality, and treat them all the same! I shouldn't say she doesn't have favorites. She does... every single one of her athletes!
We love EVDC! We have been with the club for 2 years now and love how close all the kids are. The coaches are amazing with the kids and have really taught my son how to grow in diving. My son loves going to practice and has made great friends along the way!!
EVDC has provided my daughter with so much more than just learning how to dive. They have helped her build confidence in herself and shown her how supportive a team can be! Lo, Laura, and Amanda are amazing coaches that provide the kids with a positive team environment!
My boys LOVED the HS camp! They felt the coaches were excellent, attentive, engaged and well knowledgeable about dive!
EVDC is the best dive club in AZ. The coaches are so dedicated to helping Every kid reach their goals, no matter how big or small. The team environment is the most supportive and fun I have ever seen. Thanks EVDC.
The coaches are amazing and bring out talent in every single diver. The kids are always encouraged and supported to do their personal best and at the same time work together and support each other as a team. Can’t say enough good things about this dive club!

East Valley Dive Club is the top springboard and platform diving club in Arizona.  We offer programs for all levels of athlete, from beginning lessons to National Champions.  We aim to help young athletes achieve their individual goals while learning valuable life skills in a team environment.