Getting Started
Divers who are looking to dive past high school at the collegiate level should begin preparing for the recruiting process during their sophomore year of high school.  There are great diving programs at division 1, 2, and 3 schools- the best thing you can do throughout this process is to keep an open mind and look for the school/program BEST suited to you.  Research all types of schools across the country, you never know what you'll find and fall in love with!  Below is a check list for how to prepare.

Freshmen & Sophomore Year
*Keep up good grades
*Meet with school academic counselor to ensure your schedule meets the minimum requirements for an NCAA bound student-athlete
*Take PSAT and practice ACT exams to prepare for actual tests
*Attend championship meets with club team (Region, Zone, Nationals)
*Start getting video of 'optional' dives (see coach if you have questions on what to video)

​*Setup Social media pages for diving only content (youtube, instagram, etc)

Junior Year
*Keep up with GPA
​*Take ACT and SAT early if possible (give yourself time to retake if needed)
*Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse
*Create a free profile at
*Start compiling recruiting video to send to coaches
*Research schools and begin sending in 'Recruit Questionnaires'
*Contact as many coaches as possible through the above questionnaires and email
*Anyone who would like the opportunity to dive at a Division 1 school should be training platform in addition to springboard
*Keep track of any coaches who email you (coaches can correspond with you through email throughout the year but cannot call you or talk to you in person until July 1st going into your senior year)
*Keep coaches in the loop

Senior Year
*You can schedule up to 5 recruiting trips through the NCAA to Div 1 or 2 schools
*You can take more than that at your own expense if needed
*Stay focused on keeping up your GPA, most scholarships will be with academic focus
*Early signing is in November, late signing is in April

Recruit Video Guidelines
As you begin creating your dive video, follow these guidelines for a clear video to send out to potential schools/coaches.  Our practices are all open, parents can come video at any time.  Contact your coach to find out when would be the best time to catch a practice.  

2-3 different videos of each OPTIONAL dive on 1M&3M
2-3 different videos of entire platfrom list
At least one should be from a competition
Only include a couple videos of voluntary dives or drills to show some fundamentals

Have two versions of the completed video- with music and without (leave sound unedited on videos)
You can upload the video with music to Youtube and have the other available for coaches who request unedited videos
Open and close video with 10-15 second slide with the following info
     -Diver name, graduating year, email, phone number
     -High School
     -Club team, club coach, club coach contact info (phone/email)
Organize videos to show all 1M optionals first, in order (front, back, reverse, inward, and twister), then 3M and PL following the same format
Add any videos of drills or voluntaries to the end
Make sure all videos show the divers full approach to the completed entry